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About Ibarra Watches


Ibarra was established with the inspiration and passion for the art of watchmaking and the dream to rekindle the Filipino heritage of timekeeping. In this age of rapid advancement in technology, Ibarra aimed to create a brand which offered timepieces that showcased the skill and ingenuity of Filipinos in an industry that has been present globally for more than 200 years.

Although the Philippines had never been a pivotal player in this industry, the brand believes that Filipinos possess the necessary skills and creativity to establish a brand that can thrive in the global market.

Designed in Manila, world-class materials are used to create each Ibarra timepiece to ensure the quality time-keeping. Ibarra believes that in offering the best quality to the market, the brand can further drive and push for a Filipino watch legacy that can last generations.

This is the new Filipino Time. This is Filipino On Time. This is Ibarra Time.