Ibarra Seconds To Success on YouTube


           As a local start-up itself, Ibarra Watches strives to also promote other local brands. It took an initiative to launch a short web series on YouTube entitled Seconds to Success. Each episode features a short video about different local brands and their stories. It aims to show case Filipino businesses and at the same elevate the Filipino spirit through them.

            The first episode features Nico Moreno, owner and founder of Ibarra Watches. He shares:

“I always wanted to start a business right after graduating from college. I am personally a watch fan, and so I thought it would be nice to build a brand of watches designed and assembled here in the Philippines. People always ask me why I wanted to start a watch brand because it wasn't a Filipino heritage, but it's not impossible to start it. It only takes one brave move to start it.”

            Looking back, Nico is happy he took that risk to start Ibarra. You will never know unless you try. Ibarra Watches may still be a growing brand, but it shows the potential of it being something more than just an average watch brand. This is just the start of the journey, but through perseverance and the support of the people, Ibarra Watches can be a watch brand that will leave a heritage in the modern Philippine time.

            Watch out for the next episodes in Ibarra’s Second To Success on YouTube.