Ibarra is now available at Beebeelee

What a great year it has been as Ibarra Watches looks back at all it has accomplished and the blessings it has received for the past few years. One of it is the partnership with Beebeelee, which is an online shopping platform that “aims to transform communities and bridge opportunities through a trustworthy marketplace.” Beebeelee also promotes local entrepreneurs.

For Ibarra Watches, this will be great way to widen its reach to the people, making it easier to facilitate transactions wherever you may be! Beebeelee features videos that are not only limited to the product itself. It is also helping Ibarra Watches for the cause to promote watchmaking, which is something that has been quite lost in the Philippine history.

With this partnership, Ibarra Watches hopes to not just be an ordinary business, but also a start-up with an advocacy that will impact the Filipinos.