Fashion. Functionality. Filipino.

Whether one is a collector, an enthusiast, or a person only seeking to own a timepiece for its basic use, it is always wise to treat a watch purchase as an investment. One also has to be aware of the kind of watch that is apt for the purpose of the purchase, the use of the watch, and also the lifestyle of the wearer.

As a brand, Ibarra focuses on three main pillars to be the perfect fit – Fashion, Functionality, and Filipino.

Fashion: The First Glance

Ibarra recognizes the importance of fashion in the daily lives of people. What one wears is always the first thing that people see. And more often than not, how one dresses up in public is perceived to be the very first impression that he offers everyone. Ibarra came out with its flagship model aiming to establish that great first impression. With simplicity and elegance in its design, one is able to manifest sophisticated taste and class with modesty. The watch maintains a clean face keeping only the hour and minute hands pointing towards its neat markers. And in sporting a leather trap, Ibarra carries a timeless wrist fashion which had been made known even since the late 1920’s.

Functionality: The Follow-Through

Exuding a great first impression is only the first step. What is also essential is that one can continue with what he had started. With quality and consistency, one can make that great first impression last. Ibarra also focused in coming up with a watch that can offer functionality and quality. In choosing the high quality movements and the fine materials, the brand finds the best combination it can offer its customers while still making it accessible. In the Rizal (90514BY), a Swiss Quartz movement was used for better reliability, accuracy, shock resistance while keeping a longer battery life. A sapphire glass was also used to keep the watch on top shape keeping it scratch-proof. The watch has 5 ATM (50 meters) water resistance as well to further protect the movement from possible shallow water activity exposure.

Filipino: The Story

In starting the first Filipino-branded dress watch, Ibarra aims to enter the watch industry while uplifting the Filipino spirit through showcasing the culture, history, and wonders of the nation that could enable its people to look back to yesterday to discover more of who they are as a society and where they came from, and to move forward from today towards a better tomorrow.

This is Our Time.

Filipino Time. On Time.

Ibarra Time.