The Quintessence of Ibarra

When most Filipinos hear the name “Ibarra”, the image that usually comes into mind is of a classic Filipino gentleman who possesses a strong and sophisticated demeanor; a kind of man who is well-educated and one who is both a visionary and a dreamer – not only for himself but also for the community. This, in fact, is the image that the national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal, molded for the character Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin in his novel, “Noli me Tangere” or “Touch Me Not”, which was published in 1887.  This was also the vision on which the national hero wanted the youth to be able to embody during his time.

In crafting the first Filipino-branded dress watch, the name perfectly fits the brand’s vision in creating a timepiece that is a tool that can help drive one’s success through keeping accurate time, a statement that can exemplify purpose and dreams through its elegance and sophistication, and a symbol that can further share the culture, history, and wonders of the Philippines.

As a brand, Ibarra Watches yearns to bring back the quintessence of Ibarra in today’s times. Through redefining Filipino Time, the brand brings a new paradigm in valuing, managing, and making use of time.

Filipino Time. On Time.

This is Ibarra Time.